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We honor the privacy of the women and preborn babies we serve. We have obtained permission from our moms to share the stories below.


Terrance is one of our saves who is now 3 years old! His mother was scheduled to have an abortion at Houston Women's Clinic and saw our Baby Blue bus parked there, and she decided to go inside. When she saw her baby on the ultrasound, she immediately chose life for him! She was so grateful for what we did for her and her baby that she came back with a new pregnancy!


This is our nurse, Cheryl, with Brisa who will soon be 4 years old! When Brisa's mother was 7 or 8 weeks pregnant with her, she had taken the abortion pill which caused her to bleed heavily. When she went back to Planned Parenthood, they found the baby still alive and offered her a surgical abortion. She left Planned Parenthood and visited our Big Blue bus across the street where Nurse Cheryl provided her with free resources, information, and support which helped her choose life for little Brisa. The mother returned to us with another pregnancy, and she brought Brisa with her to meet the person who helped save her life!


His mother already had 5 children when she found out she was pregnant with him, and she was very nervous about having another child and considered abortion. After she attended several of our free classes and we helped her with her other children, she confidently chose to welcome José into her family! Providing support to mothers in need goes a long way to promote a culture of LIFE!


Liam’s mother was very abortion-minded when she found out she was pregnant with him. She had no job at the time, she was already a single mom of a 3-year-old girl, and the father of the baby was married to someone else and wanted nothing to do with the situation. She had the abortion pills and wanted to take them several times but was stopped by miracles. One time her brother walked into the room where she was taking them and talked to her about it. Another time a song played on the radio about God's love, and she started crying and threw the pills into the toilet. We talked with her many times until she finally trusted us to help her with her baby. Now she loves little Liam like crazy and is extremely grateful for all the help she received here.


Meet Cherub and her two younger siblings! Cherub was saved from abortion on our bus 7 years ago! Her father reached out to us after seeing our newest pregnancy center on the road to tell us about how we were there for him and his girlfriend (now wife) when they were contemplating abortion. Choosing life for Cherub was the light they needed to find their way out from darkness.


Malaysia’s mom had an abortion appointment at the Planned Parenthood on I45, but two people stopped her and asked her if she wanted to hear her baby's heartbeat and pointed to the Big Blue Bus. She wasn't sure what made her go, but she went. She was shown her baby on the big screen, and she listened to Malaysia’s heartbeat. She told us, "I had no idea my beautiful baby girl could have been what was inside my belly." The mother called us after Malaysia’s first birthday to tell us how thankful she was that we were there to introduce her to her daughter.

A Miracle

A Houston woman traveled out of state and was prescribed four doses of the abortion pill which she took all at once. She experienced extreme cramping and passed blood clots and assumed the baby had died. However, her at-home pregnancy tests were still showing a positive result. We were able to confirm her pregnancy, and we offered her a free ultrasound. She was very nervous about it, not knowing what she might see since she assured us it was not possible for this to be a new pregnancy. As soon as we started the ultrasound, we immediately saw a big baby! Upon taking the baby's measurements, it was clear that this was the baby that she tried to abort. We even saw that the baby was a little boy who had a normal heart rate and seemed to be doing tricks for his mom. Seeing her baby, this young mother burst into tears of joy, and we did too! She left our office after hugging us all and was very happy. We praise God for this miracle!

Women Need Support, Not Abortion

We had a mother of two come to us scared she might be pregnant again. One of her children has many health issues, and the father works 2 jobs just for them to scrape by. When her pregnancy test came back positive, she told us, "No one can convince me NOT to abort." Our sonographer asked if she could pray for her, but she refused. Our HCL staff reminded her of what an excellent mother she is and that we know she wants the best for her children. She told this mother that she's not alone, and we'll be here for her if she changes her mind. Our sonographer hugged her and asked to pray for her again; this time she agreed. This mother came back to us the very next day saying she changed her mind! Sometimes we forget that even the smallest act of kindness – an encouraging word, a hug, or a prayer – can make a profound impact on someone's life.