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    • Houston's Twenty-first 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign
    • Spiritual Bouquet for Norma McCorvey
      You are invited to help create a Spiritual Bouquet of Prayers for Norma McCorvey.

      A Spiritual Bouquet is basically a compilation of prayers. Each prayer is like a flower offered to God for a specific person.

      A note is written to the person telling them that they are being prayed for. 
      You can see examples at :

      Help create a spiritual bouquet for Norma McCorvey!

    • Stand and Pray - One hour can help save a life!
      You are invited to participate even before 40 Days for Life begins! 

      Year-round, there are people continuing to come out and pray for an end to abortion outside of 2 abortion facilities in Houston!  Still there are many hours when the sidewalk is not covered in prayer. And if two of those people miss a day, some days have no one to offer help but the staff working on our mobile units.

      To be clear, YOU do not have to say a word except in prayer.  The conscience of so many girls who are Christian and the humanitarian reality that there is a resource for practical help standing in front of them, this ALONE is how God reaches many women and then change their minds and choose life for their unborn child.  

      The ultrasounds, as wonderful as they are, provide a significant SECONDARY step to how God uses the prayer warriors who are the KEY to ending abortion!    

      Can you help be a part of a network, those who stand in the gap so that more people will choose life?  
    • A Gift for Those who Have Everything‚Ķ‚Ķ.
      Sponsor our bus for a day in honor or memory of a loved one!
      A Gift for Those who Have Everything……..
      Houston Coalition for Life is offering an opportunity to share in our life-saving efforts with our mobile crisis pregnancy center (bus) where we provide free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds to pregnant women.  Parked at Planned Parenthood in Houston TX, the largest late-term abortion clinic in this hemisphere, we have had more than 5,000 visits to our mobile CPC since March 2011.  Some are pregnant, some are not and some are just curious. In every case, they hear the word of life.

      Now, you can share this good news and give a gift that will save lives.  Our goal is to have our bus parked next to Planned Parenthood every day they are open. The daily operational cost of our bus is $250, and sponsoring a day is a unique way to honor your loved ones, both living and deceased.
      We will send an acknowledgement to your gift recipient or their family and invite them to visit our bus. Both recipient and giver will receive a report of activity for the month of their gift.
      The recipient’s name will be placed in a special framed picture on our bus on the day they are being honored.
      This is a beautiful gift for your pastor or other clergy who may not know about our life-saving work.  It is also a gift for any dear friend or loved one that can be purchased as a group or by individuals.  But, in any case, it is a gift that tells of your love for the unborn and your gratitude for the gift of life.

      To purchase, please go to our donate page and pick the $250 button.
      Then email staff@houstoncoalition.com with your name and address and also your recipient’s name and address.
      Please note in your email if this gift is in honor or memory of your loved one.
    • Annual Benefit Dinner - April 21, 2017

      is proud to present
      Forget me Not  
      2017 Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction
      with our speaker

      Jennifer O'Neill
      We hope you will join us for an inspiring evening as we listen to the famous actress, model, author and international spokeswoman for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. 

      Friday, April 21, 2017
       Westin Oaks Hotel 
      5011 Westheimer Rd, Houston 77056

      We would be honored if you would consider being a Sponsor, 
      Underwriter or Donor.

      For details, please contact: 


      Tickets and table sponsorship opportunities be available soon!

      Find out more about
      our Benefit Dinner
      by clicking here!

      Questions about donating silent auction items, sponoring a table or becoming an underwriter? Please contact Christine@houstoncoalition.com
    • Newsletter 2016!

      Check out our Newsletter
      by clicking on the button: "Click to read!"

      Also you can see previous newsletters by clicking here!

    • We have a NEW LOGO for our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers!
    • United Tour - Texas State Rally in Houston
      Thank you to everyone who came out for! 

      United Rally in Houston!!!

      United Tour - State Wide Rally Houston
      Sunday, Oct 30th
      7:00pm - 8:00pm 
      Outside Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (4600 Gulf Fwy)

      40 Days for Life International has had a record number of site participation and , for the first time, people register to lead 40 Days for Life Campaigns in all 50 States all during the same prayer campaign. As a result, they initiated the United Tour traveling to 128 locations in the 48 contiguous states.  

      Oct 30th, over 150 people came out! 
      Invite everyone you know and come listen to local, national (and hopefully international) speakers!

      Come pray for an end to abortion! United in solidarity with our unborn brothers and sisters, we will one day see abortion not only made illegal; it will be unthinkable!
      See pictures by clicking here!
      More pictures coming soon! 

    • Run & Walk for Life 2016
      Thank you to everyone who participated in Run&Walk for Life!

      Support Houston Coalition for Life and their Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers: a combination of the Big Blue Bus, Baby Blue and the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center Office
      help us to keep our mobile crisis pregnancy centers parked next to
      Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast and Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center!

      Thank you to everyone who participated in the Run/Walk for Life Saturday, September 10, 2016
      All Saints Church

      There is still time to be a part of the active solution
      by sponsoring a runner/walker!

      Sponsor a Runner/Walker Here

      and click the "Give" button

      Give a Donation!

      Printable Registration and Sponsorship Form available by Clicking Here!

    • New Classes have Begun!

      has begun the Curriculum of Life serving our current clients! 

    • THANK YOU! Great NEWS from the courts, Great Rally and Great after party_ July 26th
      We had great news in Harris County!

      David and Sandra relieved of ALL Charges
      and we were brought this news before we completed the prayer gathering!

      "We stand with David and Sandra Pro-Life Heroes!" 

       We stand with David & Sandra
      Prayer Gathering!

      Date: Tues., July 26, 2016

      Location: Harris County 180th Criminal Court House

      Time: 8:00am-9:30am!  

      Watch the video http://bit.ly/2aDn1VM 
      After thanking Terry Yates, Jerry Woodfill, Peter Breen and all the attorneys who had come to aid in the courtroom and showed prayer and emotional support of the last several months, David announced "Today is a huge victory for 1st Amendment Rights of all citizen journalists in Texas!"  

      Please continue to keep David and Sandra in your prayers. They are still facing legal battles in California.  There are still court orders holding video footage from being released to the public. And the connection between Planned Parenthood and the DA's office is likely be looked into again since this exact same DA's assistant Suni Mitchelle helped prevent a notoriously bad Houston Abortionist from being indicted in 2013.  No HCL doesn't believe this is the end of what we will continue to see in the news about David Daleiden, about Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, and the unique and possibly illegal assistance of Sunni Mitchelle to abortion providers. 

      Houston Coalition for Life would like to thank everyone for coming out to pray and show support for David Daleiden and Sandra Merrit!  

      See more details about what we knew leading up to the rally by clicking here! 
      More info coming soon! 
    • #IStandWithDavid.org - Listen to the WEBCAST
      David Daleiden has been making international news as Center for Medical Progress released videos of his undercover investigations showing the inhumane practices of Planned Parenthood in harvesting and selling baby parts and their willingness to increase their revenue streams through illegal practices of changing the abortion procedure and selling the aborted baby parts.  The Harris County DA's office began investigations into the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast as a result of comments made by the Director of Research within CMP's 5th Video.  
      Last Monday, on Jan 25th, a Houston grand jury indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt rather than Planned Parenthood.  David has respectfully responded:

      “We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.”

      You can listen to a replay of the WebCast on the IStandWithDavid.org by CLICKING HERE!

       After this webcast, July 26,2016, Judge Thomas, under direction of the DA's office, released David and Sandra from all charges. Judge Thomas said, the two Center for Medical Progress citizen journalists should never have been indicted for their actions.  David and Sandra are free from all charges in Harris County; however, they still face legal battles in California.
    • Our New Office (with Room to Grow)
      is proud to announce that we have moved to a NEW OFFICE!!
      Baby items are already being collecting and distributed!
      Over the next year, we hope to expand into a Crisis Pregnancy Center offering an Earn-to-Learn program for our moms!  
      See more details & how you can get involved by CLICKING HERE or on the picture!          
    • Houston Coalition for Life and You can partner to make a Difference!
    • News Alert: Listen to 911 Calls

      In March, Houston Coalition for Life posted about the six ambulances that we have saw in a 6 week time frame.  We then uploaded the 911 calls, so CLICK HERE to listen to PPGC's calls for emergency assistance. 

      As of JUNE 10, 2015, Houston Coalition for Life has now seen 9 ambulances taking people from Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast.  Eight of these people were wheeled out the back door on gurneys and one walked out the front door with assistance.   

      Please continue to pray for an end to abortion. And please keep those who were transported to the hospital in your prayers!

      For more information contact staff@houstoncoalition.com or Theresa@houstoncoalition.com

    • For the rest of the YEAR...

      40 Churches for 40 Days

      When pro-lifers stand in prayer before abortion clinic doors,
      we know that hearts and minds are changed and lives are saved.
      To meet this need, Houston Coalition for Life is trying to find
      40 Churches for 40 Days,
      a unique opportunity to share the pro-life message up to the last possible moment
      with those entering Planned Parenthood.

      Just because "40 Days for Life" isn't going on, doesn't mean that girls and their unborn children are not entering the abortion facilities around the world! 
      Come join individuals who come out each week to pray and offer assistance to the women so that they will choose LIFE for their unborn child.
      Click here to learn more!

    • Former Planned Parenthood Director Speaks Out

      Update from Abby Johnson

      Abby Johnson sincerely shares her heart with those
       still employed in the abortion industry:

      Click here for Abby's blog.

      Abby has also founded a ministry especially for those looking for a way out of the abortion industry. To learn more, please click here.

      If you or someone you know who works with an abortion provider has information concerning violations of the law in this industry, please click here.

    • Message for Pastors

      Special Message for Priests and Pastors!
      At Houston Coalition for Life, we believe the abortion battle is a spiritual one.
      And for a spiritual battle, you need spiritual leadership.
      Click here to encourage priests and pastors to join this essential fight for LIFE.

    • Interview with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

      "A bad beginning makes a bad ending." - Euripides

      So, what kind of beginning did Planned Parenthood have?

      Check out this 1957 Mike Wallace interview 
      of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

      To view the interview, click the image below:

      To learn more about Margaret Sanger, click here.

    • Racism Exposed...Again
    • Donate and join our team in working to end abortion specifically in Houston today!
      TODAY, donate to Houston Coalition for Life!  
      Partner with us as we continue our mission of ending abortion in Houston peacefully and prayerfully.

      Because of donations from people like you...
      + HCL is able to offer free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds on two mobile units outside of abortion facilities in Houston  
      + HCL is able to offer free Curriculum of Life classes for our clients at the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center and distribute baby items to those who qualify.
      + HCL has the team and materials to continue coordinating a prayer presence and sidewalk counselor training outside of abortion facilities in Houston.
      +HCL is able to serve as an educational resource by giving talks and distributing prolife materials at church, religious and health events around the city.  
      ...and so much more! 
      Your gift of cash, appreciable securities, or property
      can help save lives,
      and help repair lives in crisis.
      Thank you in advance for your gracious generosity!