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Urgent Prolife Petition with the #NotOver Campaign!

July 7, 2016     
Call to Action!
The  #notover campaign needs 100,000 signatures, will you add yours?
Right here in Houston, there is evidence of disgusting medical practices at Houston Women's Clinic where the group National Organization of Women (NOW) coerces women to abort. This facility desperately needs attention and should be shut down!   
See Health Inspections released by Abby Johnson and the #notover campaign by clicking here!  
Thank you to Abby Johnson for publicizing these documents!
Also, thanks to pro-lifers who tipped us off about an ambulance they saw while praying.
Houston Coalition for Life has been able to obtain two 911 calls from Houston Women's Clinic on Feb 20th because of complications following abortions at this facility...a facility that is lacking ASC standards!
Click here to Listen to the 911 call at 10:12 am 
Click here to Listen to the 911 call at 4:16 pm
So what can YOU do? 
(1) PRAY for an end to abortion!
(2) Sign the petition: at the #not over campaign by going           to: http://bit.ly/29mQs0C
(3) Thank your TX Congressmen for passing HB2!
POST SCOTUS ruling, the abortion debate on HB2 
is not over! #NotOverCampaign!  
In Short: 
On June 28th, the US Supreme Court struck down two common sense regulations on abortion passed by the Texas Congress in 2013.  At this point, abortion facilities do not have to maintain basic ambulatory surgical center standards if they perform abortions under 16 weeks and the abortionist is not required to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of the abortion facility, in case there is a complication during the abortion.

On June 30th, a petition was put forward by the #not over campaign for the White House and Congress. We need 100,000 signatures in 30 Days (before July 30th)! 
Abortion is a delivery of death and not healthcare.  
Abortion providers claim they are for women's health and yet refuse to maintain proper sanitation and other basic Ambulatory Surgical Center standards. The abortion industry has always been more concerned for increasing monetary income rather actually caring about women's health!  
The pro-life movement is a voice for women AND their unborn children!   

invites you to be a sign of peace and assistance on the front lines of tthe pro-life movement

Please come pray on the sidewalk
and literally help save lives through your prayer presence even before the next 40 Days for Life!

Join our Sidewalk Counselors  
the next training is Tuesday, July 12th!
Is God calling you to compassionately reach out to these pregnant moms driving into the abortion facility so they have another opportunity to choose life for their unborn children - one more lifeline perhaps just before they could possibly go through an abortion?
Come learn pointers of the moral and legal dos and don'ts of offering assistance on the sidewalk outside this Planned Parenthood & other abortion facilities in the Houston Area.
Sidewalk Counselor Training 
Date:         Tuesday, July 12th
Time:         6:30pm-8:30pm
Location:  St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
                  501 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX 77022
Please contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com to register for this FREE class or call 713-395-1330.
In Christ,
Christine Melchor, Executive Director 
Theresa Camara, Program Coordinator

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