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Norma McCorvey's Funeral Arrangements in Katy, TX

by Christine Melchor and Theresa Camara
February 22, 2017

Norma McCorvey's Funeral Arrangements 
in Katy, Texas
Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" of Roe vs. Wade, experienced a profound conversion in her life that led to her becoming a Christian and a pro-life advocate. 
As many of you probably know, she went to her eternal reward the morning of Saturday, Feb 18th 
Providentially, many of you contributed to a Spiritual Bouquet that we put together for her the week before she passed away.
Her Celebration of Life and viewing will be this Friday, February 24th from 5-8PM at the Schmidt Funeral Home in Katy and her Memorial Service will also be at the Schmidt Funeral Home with Fr. Frank Pavone officiating.
Go here for more information and directions.
The Houston Coalition for Life 
is assisting with help to defray the cost of Norma's funeral expenses.
Can you give a monetary donation, today, 
in thanksgiving and celebration of Norma's pro-life witness? 

100% will go to Norma's family's funeral-related expenses!
Click here to DONATE online
or call the Houston Coalition for Life office: 713-395-1330.
While Norma experienced great trials in life, may she rest in the arms of Our Lord who loves her as if she was the only one He created, the only one He lived on this earth for and died for! Please join us in continuing to pray for her family and in spreading her story of redemption and the pro-life message that she advocated beginning in 1995.
In Christ,
Christine Melchor, Executive Director 
Theresa Camara, Program Coordinator

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