P.O. Box 301094
Houston, TX 77230
Phone - 713.395.1330
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The Houston Coalition for Life has diligently worked to:

  • Maintain an active peaceful, prayer presence in front of the abortion facility at 4600 Gulf Freeway, resulting in countless women, men, and babies being saved from abortion
  • Team up with legislators to reduce government funding for Planned Parenthood in Texas
  • Persuade local businesses to withdraw their financial contributions from Planned Parenthood
  • Expose Planned Parenthood's involvement in Houston Independent School District  
  • Gain widespread media coverage on local, state, and national levels to spread the pro-life message
  • Work with local crisis pregnancy centers to help women find better solutions than abortion
  • Work together in a spirit of partnership and collaboration with dozens of local, statewide, and national pro-life organizations
We also maintain and run two mobile crisis pregnancy centers.  The Big Blue Bus is parked six days a week next to Planned Parenthood. In this center we offer free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and Christian counseling to the women entering Houston’s Planned Parenthood which is the largest abortion facility in the U.S. They commit an average of 28 abortions daily, six days a week, more than one-third of Houston's daily average of 80 abortions--this excludes all chemical abortions from abortifacient contraceptives, a number impossible to track.  By praying for and lovingly offering alternatives to mothers approaching Planned Parenthood, both mother and child can be spared the exploitation and horror of abortion.

On our second mobile clinic, Baby Blue, is a renovated RV and travels more than the Big Blue Bus.  Baby Blue usually goes out offer the same services as the Big Blue Bus, twice a week outside of Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center the other ASC abortion facility in Houston. However, Baby Blue can also be sometimes be seen outside of Houston Women's Clinic (an abortion facility on San Jacinto) or at fundraisers or subbing for the Big Blue Bus on days when our first mobile unit needs repairs or cleaning.
  •  2011: 453 women visited our mobile unit to receive a pregnancy test.  Of those women, there were 201 positive pregnancy tests and 180 mothers (89.55%) confirmed they were continuing pregnancy.
  • 2012: 1830 women visited the bus for a pregnancy test with 593 positive tests and 540 women (91.06%) continued pregnancy.
  • 2013: 1720 visits, including 784 positive tests and 754 ladies (96%) chose life!
  • 2014: 2656 visits, including 1156 positive tests and 1052 ladies (over 90%) chose life!
  • 2015:  2820 visits, including 1317 positive tests and 1191 ladies (over 90%) chose life!
  • 2016 from Jan1st - Oct 31st: 2241 total visits, including 993 positive tests and 912 ladies  (over 91%) chose life!

Every effort is made to ensure the absolute accuracy of all information contained on this site. If you have documentation demonstrating any factual inaccuracy, please contact: staff@HoustonCoalition.com.

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