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Stand & Pray

Stand & Pray is the at the heart of the mission of Houston Coalition for Life.

Experts from around the country describe this peaceful prayerful presence at the site where the abortions are taking place as the number one action step in closing Planned Parenthood facilities.

Get involved in 40 Days for Life and other Prayer Vigils year round
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Not only will you be literally helping save lives, you will receive the graces of fulfilling the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy!

We know that Stand & Pray works to end abortion in Houston because of these facts:

1. Prayer works.

2. Stand & Pray brings attention to the injustice of abortion and the agenda of Planned Parenthood. When Christians begin to consistently Stand & Pray, the public soon realizes that something bad is going on inside those facilities. 

3. Planned Parenthood's employees like to think that the community supports what they do. If nobody is present to object to their deadly agenda they can rationalize their practice. The prayerful presence forces them to realize every day that the community is overwhelmingly opposed to their agenda.

4. Planned Parenthood markets its services as "confidential." When Christians consistently pray at its facilities, customers realize that they will not be able to receive confidential services there.

5. People do not want to receive their healthcare from a place that is controversial. A consistent presence in prayer outside Planned Parenthood will increase the dissatisfaction rate among its clientele making it difficult to maintain customers.

6. Babies are saved from abortion when people Stand & Pray at Planned Parenthood!

7. Hearts are converted! The mothers and fathers of unborn children often have a conversion of heart when they see people praying at abortion facilities.

Every effort is made to ensure the absolute accuracy of all information contained on this site. If you have documentation demonstrating any factual inaccuracy, please contact: staff@HoustonCoalition.com.