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Hurting Women

For an organization that claims to be "pro-woman," Planned Parenthood has caused many women a tremendous amount of pain.

Eight of the ten facilities run by Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas do not even have doctors on site. The other two facilities only regularly provide doctors to the patients who will be terminating their unborn children.1

Planned Parenthood's latest annual report shows that the organization performed 138 abortions for every one adoption referral,2 demonstrating that they don't promote "choice" to women, just abortion.

Ignoring the latest medical evidence,3 Planned Parenthood continues to misrepresent its morning-after abortion pill to women by calling it "Emergency Contraception."4 Many clients who are told that they are "preventing pregnancy" unknowingly experience abortions within days after "unprotected sex."

At the abortion clinic at 3601 Fannin, Planned Parenthood promotes its abortion method as "safe" despite recent legal developments: in February of 2001, a Planned Parenthood abortion facility was ordered by a jury to pay $672,610 in damages to a woman who remained pregnant with a dismembered baby following a botched abortion. Not wanting to pay for their mistake, Planned Parenthood appealed the decision.5

A former Planned Parenthood Nurse Practitioner gave an affidavit on October 17th stating that she was severely disciplined for violating Planned Parenthood policies and protocols when she allowed pregnant patients to hear the heart beat of their unborn children.6 In her disciplinary write-up, the young lady was condemned because she "disclosed to a staff member at the clinic that she wanted patients to hear the fetal heart tone and to think about what they are doing with their decision."7 So much for advocating choice. In the resignation letter that followed, the Nurse Practitioner wrote, "When I was informed that your surgi-centers performed abortions on patients whose babies were already dead without informing the patient, it made me realize that I could no longer be associated with such a group."8

Planned Parenthood exploited women in New York City immediately after the September 11th attacks in 2001 by promoting free abortions for two weeks,9 compounding the grief and pain that New Yorkers were already dealing with.

According to the Associated Press, a coroner confirmed that 18-year old Holly Paterson died as a result of a drug-induced medical abortion at Planned Parenthood. Doctors said that Holly died after a massive infection caused by fragments of the fetus left insider her uterus caused her to go into septic shock.

Holly's father told the media, "What's disturbing is these young couples, they are relying upon what they think is good, solid info telling them everything is OK. I would have said, "You know what, they don't know everything. Let's get more information.""

Planned Parenthood continues to dispense the dangerous abortion pill despite its fatal effects.

The Washington Times reported that a jury recently ordered Planned Parenthood to pay $672,610 in damages to a San Francisco woman who received a botched abortion of twins. One baby was aborted during the woman's visit, but the other baby was partially dismembered and left alive in the womb, according to court testimony.

Not wanting to pay for the mistake, Planned Parenthood appealed the decision.

Here is the account of one customer's experiences with Planned Parenthood:

When I found out I was pregnant, I was single, and I was scared. I went to the Planned Parenthood in downtown Houston thinking they would help. Instead they pressured me to have an abortion and told me to forge my parents' signature on the forms. When I decided to keep my baby, the Planned Parenthood employee was furious with me. But my son is very happy to be alive. While a student at Texas A&M, I used Planned Parenthood for cheap birth control and "supposedly accurate" sexuality information. Unfortunately, I had to graduate to a real doctor because Planned Parenthood couldn't treat the STD I got while using their birth control. My best friend nearly died as a result of complications from an abortion at Planned Parenthood. When she called them for help, they wouldn't even talk with her. Another friend wasn't even allowed to see the ultrasound of her unborn child. Planned Parenthood told her that she wouldn't go through with her abortion if she saw "it", so they shamed her and took advantage of her youth and inexperience. We were deceived and hurt by Planned Parenthood. Take it from me - at Planned Parenthood you get what you pay for - cheap care resulting in pain, anxiety, and humiliation. That's why I've joined the Christians who have committed to Stand & Pray one hour a week outside of Planned Parenthood; every hour of every day the clinic is open. You have so many choices for health care. But Planned Parenthood? Don't go there.

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