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Lies & Deception

In a local direct mail campaign in 2001, Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas stated that they "prevent abortions" through their services. However, Texas Department of Health statistics show that after Planned Parenthood opened their controversial facility in Bryan, the number of abortions for residents of Brazos County increased to 143% of previous levels. The July 14 Bryan-College Station Eagle reported numbers demonstrating that Planned Parenthood failed to "prevent" 509 abortions within their own walls in 2001 alone.

The Bryan Planned Parenthood clinic has repeatedly misled people in the Brazos Valley by stating that abortion is only "six percent" of the services they offer, even though the organization's latest annual report demonstrates that abortion last year accounted for over 23% of their income.

Planned Parenthood chooses not to use the accepted medical terminology, "Sexually Transmitted Diseases," making these life threatening conditions sound less serious by merely calling them "infections."

In a July 27, 2001 Letter to the Editor of the Eagle, one of Planned Parenthood's outspoken local supporters falsely stated that Planned Parenthood provides services "with no use of federal or Texas tax dollars." Nothing could be further from the truth. The local Planned Parenthood receives 42% of its funding directly from the pockets of taxpayers. According to the organization's latest annual report, last year the local Planned Parenthood received $4.62 million directly from tax dollars. Planned Parenthood netted a $125.8 million profit in 1998-1999, a year when they took in $176.5 million of federal tax money.

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