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Harassing Christians

For years, Planned Parenthood has made a practice of attacking Christians who morally oppose the organization's harmful agenda.

A recent Planned Parenthood fundraising letter sent to local medical professionals described Focus on the Family and other Christian groups as "violently radical" and "fanatic... political extremist groups" that "force their beliefs" on others(1).

Planned Parenthood partnered(2) with NARAL (the National Abortion Rights and Action League) on a campaign to close down faith-based crisis pregnancy centers they view as competition. This program trains individuals to go into these centers, lie, attempt to antagonize, and secretly tape record all conversations for purposes of exploitation(3).

In Bryan, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic employees have regularly screamed, used vulgar language, filed false police complaints, made obscene gestures, and destroyed personal property of peaceful people praying in front of the controversial clinic at 4112 East 29th Street in Bryan. Shortly after the September 11th attacks in 2001, a Planned Parenthood employee in a fit of rage shook the clinic's iron fence and screamed at the prayer volunteers that they were terrorists, no different than those who had attacked our country.

The Bryan-College Station Eagle reported that the speaker for the abortion clinic's "Celebrating Roe v. Wade" luncheon at the College Station Hilton told attendees that Christians who oppose abortion, "in the name of God are similar to the terrorists who crashed planes into the World Trade Center in the name of God."(4)

Planned Parenthood has frequently directed its sprinklers to douse people of faith as they pray in front of the Bryan facility.

Clinic personnel regularly photograph and videotape Christians who pray outside of their fences, and many of these images have been used along with slanderous accusations in fundraising mailings and slide shows at the abortion clinic's fundraising events.(5)

The Bryan-College Station Eagle reported that Planned Parenthood employees have taken down license plate numbers of people outside of the clinic(6). Planned Parenthood's clinic director has admitted that this information is used to track the identities of these individuals.(7)

On occasion, people of faith have been physically threatened in front of the abortion clinic. The Eagle reported the clinic communications director's callous response to the threats against Christians: "Part of me wants to say, 'Get tougher skin,' in terms of being yelled at because in this business it's going to happen..."(8)

Planned Parenthood attorney W. Tyler Moore wrote several letters pressuring the City of Bryan to seize Pro-Life signs from in front of the clinic, violating the Christians' First Amendment free speech rights.(9)

The bumper sticker on a Bryan Planned Parenthood volunteer's SUV simply stated, "Doing my part to p**s off the Religious Right."

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