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Medical Misinformation

Planned Parenthood continues to deceive women about the abortifacient nature of its morning-after abortion pill by calling it "Emergency Contraception." 

In fact, Planned Parenthood blatantly lies in propaganda it markets to teens, omitting one of the main mechanisms of action of this powerful drug, stating only that "ECPs prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation (the release of an egg by the ovary) or by preventing fertilization (the joining of sperm and egg)."1

The truth that Planned Parenthood is not telling is that unsuspecting women and girls may cause the death of a child when they take this drug because it creates a hostile lining in the uterus making it almost impossible for a newly formed embryo to implant and obtain the nourishment she needs to develop. Get the facts for yourself before taking their word for it. 2

1. Accessed on May 25, 2006, http://www.teenwire.com/infocus/2006/if-20060512p438-pregnancy.php
2. The Annals of Pharmacology, Chris Kahlenborn, Joseph B. Sandford, and Walter Larrimore "Postfertilization Effect of Hormonal Emergency Contraception," March 2002.;

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