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City Council Candidate Questionnaires

Be informed about the candidates before you vote! 
We have realized the importance of having a mayor and city council who are at least receptive to having a dialogue with the pro-life community. 

The Houston Coalition for Life  mailed a questionnaire to each candidate running in Houston's 2009 municipal elections. Only a few of the candidates took the time to return the questionnaire; you can view their answers below by clicking on the blue, italicized names.

Peter Brown
Amanda Ulman
Luis Ralph Ullrich, Jr.
Charles Daniel Cupp
Roy Morales
Annise Parker
Gene Locke

City Controller
M.J. Kahn
Ronald Green
Pam Holm
Council Member, District A
Alex Wathen
Brenda Stardig
Jeff Downing
Lane Lewis
Darrell Joe Rodriguez
Bob Schoellkopf
Amy Peck
Council Member, District B
Roger F. Bowden
Jarvis Johnson
Council Member, District C
Anne Clutterbuck
Randy Locke
Council Member, District D
Otis Jordan
Larry McKinzie
Anthony Brent Donovan
Wanda Adams
Council Member, District E
Mike Sullivan
Wayne Garrison
Council Member, District F
Robert Kane
Mike Laster
Al Hoang
Peter Acquaro
Khalid Khan
Joe Chow
Lewis Cook
Council Member, District G
Richard Sedita
Dexter Handy
Oliver Pennington
George Foulard
Mills Worsham
Council Member, District H
Ed Gonzalez
Council Member, District I
James Rodriguez
Council Member, At Large Position 1
Don Cook
Herman Litt
Lonnie Allsbrooks
Stephen C. Costello
Karen Derr
Rick Rodriguez
Kenneth Perkins
J. Brad Batteau
Council Member, At Large Position 2
Sue Lovell
Andrew C. Burks, Jr.
Roslyn "Rozzy" Shorter
Michael Griffin
Council Member, At Large Position 3
Melissa Noriega
Council Member, At Large Position 4
C. O. "Brad" Bradford
Deborah Shafto
Noel Freeman
Curtis Garmon
Council Member, At Large Position 5
Carlos A. Obando
Jack Christie
Davetta Daniels
Jolanda "Jo" Jones