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Houston, TX 77230
Phone - 713.395.1330
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Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center

Houston Coalition for Life
is proud to present a new program

The Blue Blossom Pregnancy Centers are made up of 

Big Blue and Baby Blue 
The Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center


The Big Blue Bus was designed when huge abortion facility was built where pro-life groups could not rent or build a standing facility nearby. 
Houston Coalition for Life with the help of Imagi-Motive and thousands of private donations renovated a charter bus into 
Houston's 1st Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center.Within the first year of operation beginning January 2011, the Big Blue Bus had seen over 12,000 visits;
90% of the girls choosing life for their pre born child! 
As of 2017, the Big Blue Bus sees an average of 8 girls a day;and has seen up to 21 girls in one day!

Seeing the impact one Mobile CPC made in the community, the Houston Coalition for Life with the help of a generous gift of of an RV, several private grants and many donors were able to launched Baby Blue in 2014. As of 2017, this CPC offers FREE pregnancy tests and FREE ultrasounds outside of the Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center, 5 days a week!   


  In the Ultrasound Room aboard the Big Blue Bus and on Baby Blue...
have a chance to see their baby!

 It's amazing what seeing the ultrasound images of their unborn children does for abortion-minded mothers. The truth changes hearts, and the Big Blue Bus currently has an approximate 94% turn-around rate for mothers who were at risk of aborting to  choose life instead!

The opportunity to show a mother the image of her unborn child is priceless - but keeping each Mobile CPC on the road does come with a price-tag: an estimated $250 a day. Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to help support this amazing ministry, and become a part of saving the lives our world can't afford to be without.

As of 2016. we are offering classes in our new Crisis Pregnancy Center, the Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center.

Learn more about our Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center the the Curriculum of Life
(our Earn-to-Learn Program) 

To make a donation in support of the Big Blue Bus and Baby Blue, please click here.

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