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Game Changer - archived 2014

The Game Changer
by Dorothy at Houston Coalition for Life
June 2014/Archived December 2014

Ready for a game change?
When our Coalition began just over 10 years ago, we sought to reach women through prayer and counseling on the sidewalk, changing one life at a time.
When our largest obstacle, Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, moved and grew, we knew we had to step up our game. We added an element to our backbone of prayer and counsel with the advent of our Big Blue Bus, the first mobile crisis pregnancy center of its kind in Texas.
Though thousands of women have been assisted by the efforts of the Houston Coalition for Life and our tireless volunteers on the street at 4600 Gulf Freeway, there are still many more pregnant women in crisis. Not all of them encounter us where we are…how do we serve them?
We’ll let you in on a secret…We are expecting!
It is with great excitement that we share our next project, code-named “BABY BLUE.”
A mock-up of Baby Blue
Baby Blue (our second mobile crisis pregnancy center) will serve in a unique capacity tandem to the Big Blue Bus, and will be more maneuverable on the streets of Houston.
This means that we will able to make unannounced visits to a different abortion facility three days a week: they will never know when or where to expect us. 
With this increased scope of operations, we can provide services and encouragement to women who need help; help that the Houston Coalition for Life can deliver. 
Women in crisis can now find assistance close to home, no matter where they live in the Houston area.
This is what ending abortion looks like in Houston, Texas… peaceful, prayerful, and pro-active.
When we expressed our desire to launch Baby Blue, we were quickly met by a generous response: a 31-foot RV donated by a generous friend of the Coalition.
Soon afterwards, we received another VERY generous donation: enough to pay for the vehicle’s conversion!
This means that our goal of having a second mobile crisis pregnancy center is getting closer to reality and potentially ahead of our original schedule.  But we still need your help to serve the women and unborn children of Houston. Converting the vehicle is one big part of the puzzle, but other pieces remain:


Please consider sponsoring a part of the Baby Blue project… no gift is too large, and certainly no gift is too small. 
Every life saved is another reason that Baby Blue needs to be on the road.  Will you help?
P.S. Though checks are most common, non-cash gifts may also be accepted.  Please contact us about gifts of appreciable stock, real estate, or other creative planned giving.  Your gift may help save a life.


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