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Resources Available for Leaders

Prayer and Action: What a wonderful combination!

At Houston Coalition for Life, we believe that God has the ultimate say about placing a child in the mother's womb and in the graces that He provides to these women so they have opportunities to choose life.  We also believe that, as part of the community, we are called to act as the hands and feet of Christ and provide practical help to these girls who are facing crisis pregnancies. 
However, we do not believe that this has to be complicated for you, the volunteer

There are really only two rules for the sidewalk:
(1) Do not park or walk on Planned Parenthood Property or any other private property. 
(2) If anyone approaches you, respond with the love of Christ. 
If a pregnant woman has questions about abortion or about help in the community, you can always refer them to our Big Blue Bus or Baby Blue to speak with our nurses.

Some of the materials we have for you to start a group:
Ways to encourage people to come out?
YOU coming out to sidewalk can literally help save a life!
There are so many reasons and ways to promote this, that it may be best to contact Theresa@houstoncoalition.com and run through the basic dynamics of your group to see what goes best.    
You can also request that Houston Coalition for Life come speak:
(1) At a prolife event that you host for your community or we can recommend a speaker.
(2) We'd love to meet your Pastor or leadership group and involve your community in 40 Days for Life.  
(3) We can offer strategies on how to implement 40 Days for Life in your community.
You can be ahead of the curve in leading your group!
Also Theresa and Christine send out email alerts announcing events for the Day Captains before our general list of contacts is emailed so that the Day Captains can lead their group in participating in these events.

If you are interested in leading a group or in joining a group as an individual, please email Theresa@houstoncoalition.com

Remember that even if you feel your group is "small," (1) many girls tell us they change their mind and choose life because they saw one person praying, and (2) more individuals come out when they know a group (of any size) will be on the sidewalk praying.

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