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We Stand with David Prayer Gathering

We Stand with David and Sandra
Prayer Gathering
July 26, 2016
Pro-lifers will stand in peaceful prayerful support David During a hearing at the Harris County Criminal Court House as J. Woodfill, one of David's lawyers asks Judge Thomas to quash the indictment handed down by a run away jury!

Prayer Gathering Details:                                             
Date:  Tuesday, July 26th                                     
Time:  8:00am-9:30am                                                     
Location: Corner of Franklin & San Jacinto        
There are several garages and lots, and much parallel parking near the courthouse:
1201 Franklin, Houston, TX 77002
We ask that there be NO graphic signs and NO signs attacking the DA's office in any way.  Please remember that only love can conquer evil and only light dispels darkness.  And in the wake of the seeing more violent protests nationwide, it is critical that we remain peaceful and show respect to the police officers and legal system as we follow the proper channels that could fairly easily indict Planned Parenthood and drop charges against David and Sandra.
Unborn children in Houston have been saved from abortion because of the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress.
I have met these women in both of our mobile crisis pregnancy centers.
We are asking only for peaceful and prayerful participation in the rally tomorrow.  We will have prayer booklets available and you are encouraged to bring your own prayer materials.  Sometimes our silent presence can speak louder than shouting because it is UNEXPECTED! We want the media to listen to David and Sandra and the VIDEOS that speak for themselves! 
Thank God for the courage of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt and everyone at the Center for Medical Progress!