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Phone - 713.395.1330
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Info on becoming a Day Captain

Thank you for being interested in becoming a Day Captain!
You are the core volunteers who ensure every hour of the 40 Days for Life is covered!
Official Letter outlining responsibilities
In Summary: 
As a a Day Captain you would lead secular friends and fellow church members to "sponsor" one 6-hr or one 12-hr day of those 40 Days - cover the day in prayer for an end to abortion on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast (4600 Gulf Frwy)! Because we are expanding to two locations, we ask you to prayerfully consider taking a second day at the new location (2505 North Shepherd), Ideally, you would find 24 individuals (two to three per hour as prayer partners) like from your church group or secular group to come pray on the sidewalk outside the Houston abortion facility throughout the day. This does NOT mean that you need to spend the entire day on the sidewalk praying!   

Official Letter Outlining Day Captain Responsibilities
Official Material Order Form 

We offer a half-hour training for Day Captains
INCLUDING discussing expansion to this SECOND location of prayer on North Shepherd outside the abortion facility of the Texas Gosnell!

in the evening of
Tuesday, Aug 9, 2016 

if you can't come on Tuesday, we offer another opportunity
Thursday, Aug 18, 2016 

For Location and Time, Please RSVP to Theresa@HoustonCoalition.com

if you couldn't make either of these meetings, there is still time to coordinate a private or group training. Contact Theresa@HoustonCoalition.com for more details! 
At the Day Captain Training, we will be covering:
                          (1) the basic legal and practical dos and don'ts on the sidewalk,
                          (2) pointers on motivating people to participate,
                          (3) the calendar of events within the 40 Days for Life, and
                          (4) the distribution of Day Captain Packets with the flyers, sign up sheets etc.

You will find anyone can do this; it is the dedicated, organized leaders can do this well! 

Perks of being a Day Captain!
1. The inside scoop! As a Day Captain, you will have a chance to know about many upcoming events BEFORE they announced to the general public! Sign up with Theresa@houstoncoalition.com
2. Training and resources available to you that you in turn can make available to your group! See some current resources.
3. The knowledge that YOU had a huge impact in helping save lives! Many times, volunteers are ready to get involved if they can just find a leader. And many women will change their mind and choose life for their unborn child on the day they were scheduled to get an abortion just because they saw a couple of outside the abortion facility praying.... Those children were saved because of God working through prayer warriors that you helped sign up!  See some of our results

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