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Standing Stronger with Women & Children Rally

Because of weather conditions,
we have prudently canceled the prayer event.
However we are still
collecting prayers for Norma McCorvey
to create the spiritual bouquet!  
Please email your prayer intentions to Theresa@HoustonCoalition.com or Christine@HoustonCoalition.com



Invite YOU to join in

Standing Stronger with Women and Children Prayer Vigil
Date:Tuesday, Feb 14th, 2017
Time: 11:00am - Noon
Outside of Hilton of the Americas 
1600 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010
Parking Map
Come join a peaceful gathering and help create a powerful visual witness in Houston!  We take a peaceful and legal stand against abortion! Come pray and carry a sign that read "Standing Stronger with Texas Women" or "Care for Both! No Matter What!" 

Press Release for Immediate Distribution here! 
Obtain printer friendly version by clicking here! 

RSVP is not required, but it is very helpful for planning!
Please let us know so we can make sure to have more materials for our event and can more "strategically" place ourselves as a visual peaceful witness!
Contact: Theresa@houstoncoalition.com or Christine@houstonCoalition.com

Join Houston Coalition for Life and Silent No More Awareness as we respond the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast bringing in a Desperate Threesome!

We know that Planned Parenthood and their supporters celebrate abortion every day, but once a year they have their Roe v Wade luncheon where they raise money for their abortion business.
Because they are running scared with all of the current pro-life gains, they are calling on these extreme pro-abortion activists to be their speakers this year: Cecile Richards, Wendy Davis, and Sarah Weddington!

Houston Prolifers unite to send a clear message to Planned Parenthood:

Houston is Pro-Life!

Each year Houstonians and all Texans are consistently standing stronger and STRONGER with women and children each year! 

Come listen to testimonies from women who have been hurt by abortion
and come participate in creating a spiritual bouquet for Norma McCorvey!

So who are these individuals speaking
at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (I-45)'s annual luncheon: 
"Standing Strong with Texas Women"?

Cecile Richards
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She is often in the media falsely claiming PP offers such serves as mammograms or a wide range of prenatal care. 

Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis, Texas Senator who became known for her pink tennis shoes after wearing them during her almost 13 hour-filibuster against pro-life omnibus bill SB5 in June 2013. (Fortunately, similar prolife legislation was passed 17 days later and became known as HB2, which is in part still being implemented in Texas)

Sarah Weddington
Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who argued the case of Roe v Wade before the Supreme Court in 1973. She used Norma McCorvey (Roe)* as a pseudo-client.


*Norma McCorvey, (Roe of Roe v Wade) was used by the abortion industry, cast aside like so many other women and later on in life she converted to Christianity and is now prolife!  In her powerful book: "Won By Love" Norma wrote of how she was put in touch with Sarah Weddington.  Norma was merely asked to signed her name on a dotted line so that she could get an abortion.  Norma never saw Weddington again. Norma never got an abortion. She learned of the legalization of abortion via a newspaper. 


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