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Press Release

Christine Melchor 
Executive Director
Houston Coalition for Life                                                            February 9, 2017

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Prayer Vigil outside Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Celebration
HOUSTON, TX.  The Houston Coalition for Life and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign are planning a huge prayer vigil on Tuesday, February 14th outside the Planned Parenthood luncheon celebrating the Roe V Wade decision which legalized abortion in the United States. This luncheon will held at the Hilton of the America’s at 1600 Lamar St., in Houston.
Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions not only in Houston, but in the world. Here in this city, they operate the largest late term abortion facility in the U.S.
Unborn children tragically die in this facility through 20 weeks of pregnancy; that’s five months!
“What a contradiction it is that Planned Parenthood would pick Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate “love”, as the day to celebrate the right to take the life of unborn children,” said Christine Melchor the Executive Director of the Houston Coalition for Life.
People who respect and value human life from conception to natural death will gather in prayer along Lamar St. directly across from the hotel from 11AM to noon. “We want to show that Houston is Pro-Life!  We know each year Texas is Standing Stronger with Texas Women AND Children!  One person isn’t more worthy of life than another.  We offer help for both mother and child!” explained Theresa Camara Program Coordinator of the Houston Coalition for Life.
Year round, the Houston Coalition for Life offers assistance to women facing crisis pregnancies.  With two mobile crisis pregnancy centers that offer free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and a network of resources, this non-profit and their prayer volunteers have seen over 4000 women choose life!  More than 90% of the women to come onto these mobile units choose life over aborting their child!  Theresa of Houston Coalition for Life told reporters “A 90% choosing of life is more evidence that women, who are willing to look at the help available to them in this city, DO NOT want abortion.  Houston is a city of great compassion for mother and child; we work together and choose life together!”

The Houston Coalition for Life is a 50(c)3 organization which represents Houston area churches and thousands of individuals dedicated to ending abortion, peacefully and prayerfully.

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