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A Spiritual Bouquet for Norma McCorvey

A Spiritual Gift

We invite individuals to participate in creating a spiritual bouquet for Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe V Wade.  

Click HERE to read the story* of how Norma was used by the abortion movement to bring about the Roe V. Wade case.  Learn of how she never actually had the abortion, yet she feels a heavy weight of responsibility for a court case that as resulted in the ending of over 58 million lives!  After abortion was legalized, Norma worked for an abortion facility. Then she experienced a conversion; she became a Christian and ctively PRO-LIFE!  At this point, she is very sick and she is very much in need of prayer!  

Norma McCorvey symbolizes so much in the Pro-life movement!  She was a woman used in moment of crisis and then dropped. She bought the lie of abortion and then later experienced a conversion! She has been actively pro-life and has given many people hope!
The Gift of a Spiritual Bouquet: We ask participants to write a quick note promising to pray for Norma McCorvey or to let her know you have been praying for her.  
We want her to know know that people are praying for her recovery, that they are thanking God for her conversion and her Pro-Life work.

The example flowers in the picture are actual notes that will be delivered and presented to her within a scrapbook format; hopefully you will be inspired to come and write your own note promising prayer for Norma McCorvey and her family!

"Dear Norma, I am so glad you allowed God to win over your heart with His Love.  Your prolife work has been such a blessing. May God give you His peace that surpasses all understanding Phillipians 4:7  Our family is praying a rosary for you!"

"Dear Ms. McCorvey, Thank you for being a Pro-Life Hero!  I am praying you feel better soon!" 
If it ends up raining during the outside prayer vigil,
we will collect the prayer intentions via email. 
You can email your prayer letters to Theresa@HoustonCoalition.com or Christine@HoustonCoalition.com

*The article is linked with notice given and permission granted by the www.EndRoe.org a Project of National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA)

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