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Why must the Pro-Life message continue
to be promulgated? 
...because #LivesDependOnUs !
Approximately one child DIES every
30 minutes
in Harris County because abortion!

In the article "To Defend the Disposable", George Weigel clearly articulates current attacks upon the American public by political leadership, building the Culture of Death. He concludes that we remain informed and stand up in defense of life!   
Preventative Measures?

In the 1990's, Eugenicist produced a line of arguments, speculating what crimes and what economic monies were "saved" because abortion. The list does not set any precedence to the REALITY that individuals can change their life's course; nor take into account opportunities and the general fluctuation of history. They left out free will and the beauty of the American dream that we can become what  we desire to become. This speculative account ignores the countless individuals who built up a incredibly successful life despite the fact that they were born in unusual or even tragic circumstances.  A book "Freakonomics" promulgating these same (less than hopeful) speculative insinuations was published in

Mona Charen, defends the unborn in her recent article, "The Abortion Distortion", opposing these Eugenic ideas!