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Phone - 713.395.1330
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Truth about Planned Parenthood

Simply stated, Planned Parenthood must leave Houston. The simplest way community members can send that message to the controversial organization is to encourage friends, family members, other students, co-workers, and fellow believers to not use Planned Parenthood's services.

There are many other medical alternatives in Houston to Planned Parenthood. By making informed health choices, community members can receive high quality, compassionate, professional care without the controversy.

No person should ever feel that the only place in the city to get medical care is the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Other than abortion, medical services provided at the Planned Parenthood facilities are available elsewhere in Houston, and at many of these places patients will be treated regardless of their financial situation.

For a list of alternatives, please call 713-395-1330.

Every effort is made to ensure the absolute accuracy of all information contained on this site. If you have documentation demonstrating any factual inaccuracy, please contact: staff@HoustonCoalition.com.