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A Life Saved-A Family Made


March 3, 2023

Author - Alexandra Sizemore

Recently a gentleman saw our newest bus, The Little One, and stopped to say thank you and share his story.

A little over seven years ago, Theodore Lockett and his then girlfriend, Celia, found out they were pregnant. "We were in a dark place in our relationship, we were not married, and we were fighting a lot," he said. "When we found out we were pregnant, neither one of us thought we wanted a baby and we contemplated abortion."

Unbeknown to Theodore, Celia already had one appointment at the Planned Parenthood located on I45 and had scheduled her second appointment. Celia asked him to come with her to that second appointment, but God had other plans. "I cannot remember why, but for some reason she was not able to have the abortion procedure done. I know now it was by the grace of God."

Theodore says that Celia decided to go to the Big Blue Bus and told me that I was going with her. He recalled, "When we walked onto the bus, those ladies were so nice to us.

When they showed us our baby on the ultrasound, I knew everything was going to be ok. I can't explain it, but a peace came over me and I knew that God was on our side."

Theodore also said he could not remember the name of the nurse on the bus, but she embraced his now wife, Celia. "When she did that, it was a turning point for us, and I just can't explain it. She was like an angel and the bus was a ray of light in so much darkness."

Theodore and Celia married, and according to Theodore, Cherub, who is now seven years old is, "such a blessing." He says with a chuckle, "A lot of people tell me that I spoil her, but I say that is their problem, not ours. We are doing just fine." He then added, "I give all the glory to God."

Theodore and Celia have since had two other beautiful children and are grateful for that day on the bus. Theodore says, "I wish more people knew that abortion is not their only choice. Sometimes a situation may feel hopeless, but with God there is always hope." 

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