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How to Defend Life


June 29, 2022

Author -Elyssa Mushinski

Roe v. Wade has finally been overturned! I'm overjoyed thinking about all the lives that will be saved from this incredible decision.

However, there are many people who are not as ecstatic after hearing the news.

Obviously with such a historic event, everyone is quick to share their opinions on social media. All the common talking points are being repeated over and over by abortion supporters:

"My Body, My Choice"

"We need abortion for cases of rape."

"Women will die from illegal, unsafe abortions."

"Stop forcing your religion on women."

"Abortion is my constitutional right."

"Women will be prosecuted for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy."

"Abortion is okay as long as it's before they're viable outside the womb."

"It's better to have an abortion if the child will have a disability."

"Thousands of kids are going to end up in a broken foster care system."

"Pro-lifers only care about children until they're born."

"I'm personally pro-life, but I would never restrict anyone from having an abortion."

Most people who use these arguments are not fully aware of what an abortion actually is. And if they do know what it actually is, they often try to steer the conversation away from abortion since it's not easy to defend.

Just like the people using these arguments, many pro-lifers are surprisingly uneducated about the uncomfortable truths of abortion. When not even a pro-life person can articulate their beliefs in a reasonable and comprehensive manner, it's no wonder how our country fell into this culture of death we find ourselves in today.

Our society has trained us to avoid tough topics due to the risk of possibly offending anyone who might disagree. In our selfish pursuit of being liked and accepted by the mob, our indifference and cowardice to stand up for the most basic human right has led to the deaths of over 60 million people.

While we celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade, we must also put in the work to ensure that we never become so complacent again. We must educate ourselves so that we may be better equipped to defend the most vulnerable among us. I am guilty of being unprepared to defend life. I am guilty of staying silent while someone confidently shares the lies of the pro-choice movement. I am guilty of ignoring the issues which lead women to believe that abortion is their only option.

It is for this reason that I have put together a new brochure entitled, "How to Defend Life." This brochure addresses all the arguments listed above as well as provides a clear explanation of what an abortion really is.

I am not a scholar; I am not an expert; I am not an influencer.

I am just your average pro-life person who chose to educate myself and do the research to back up my beliefs. Anyone is capable of doing this. Anyone is capable of being an effective advocate for life. All it takes is knowing the truth and having those tough conversations.

No one will change their mind from a fight on Facebook; no one will change their mind listening to political figureheads using this issue to further their own careers; no one will change their minds from seeing gruesome images paraded outside of abortion facilities. The way to a person's heart and mind is through respectful conversations with those we love. In order to truly stop abortion, we must change our culture to one that values life. True change will not happen through political power, religious institutions, or riots in the street. It will only come when our communities learn to love and respect life.

Click here to view the How to Defend Life brochure.

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