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Why do women get abortions?

Some are scared that the father of the baby will leave them if they remain pregnant. Sometimes her parents will threaten to kick her out of the house if she doesn’t get an abortion. Some have several children already and cannot afford to take care of another.

All of these scenarios have something in common: a lack of support.

Oftentimes women in crisis pregnancies suffer from low self-confidence, and the abortion industry thrives when they make these women feel isolated and small.

Our Blue Blossom counselors offer non-judgemental support through baby supplies, classes, community resources, and a safe person to talk to about every challenge she’s facing.

The media likes to portray abortion as a normal medical procedure – some even likening it to getting a tooth pulled. However, a dental surgery does not provoke the same emotional and spiritual anguish that comes with the heartbreak of abortion.

The women we’ve spoken to about their abortions remember everything from that day: the faces, the smells, the sounds, the wallpaper, and even if there was someone praying outside. They try everything to forget about it, but they can’t. She can’t look at a baby without being reminded of her abortion, she has nightmares about it often, and she turns to unhealthy behaviors to try and drown out the pain she feels.

This kind of experience doesn’t happen after getting a tooth pulled. The grief felt after abortion is real, and women need support – not lies.

While abortion is devastating, it is possible to heal. We can help you find what you need to recover after an abortion. We can help you find what you need to recover after an abortion – regardless of how long it’s been. There are plenty of resources we can connect you with to start your journey towards recovery. You are not alone.

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