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The word “adoption” comes with a lot of assumptions, stigmas, and misconceptions. Oftentimes when adoption is depicted in TV shows or movies, it’s usually very dramatized and unrealistic.

In reality adoption can come in a large variety of different forms, the most common of these being closed, semi-open, and open adoptions.

Closed adoptions are usually what people think of when they hear the word “adoption.” This is where the birth parents have no contact with the child. Birth parents might feel the child’s journey needs to be separate from their own.

Semi-open adoptions facilitate distant involvement like providing a yearly photo of the child to the birth parents or a brief summary of how the child developed over the previous year.

Open adoptions are now the most common form of modern adoptions, and these allow the birth parents to be involved as much as they’d like with the child.

Many birth mothers feel that adoption means they are giving up their baby to strangers forever; however, adoption plans can be adjusted and personalized to whatever is needed. The birth parents can be completely involved in picking the perfect family for this baby, meeting the adoptive families beforehand, and setting their own boundaries as open or closed as necessary to ensure the best possible future for both the birth parents and the child.

Even after the woman gives birth to the baby, she will have the opportunity to change her mind and become the parent to the child.

Maybe the birth mother planned on parenting the child the whole time she was pregnant until something drastically changed in her life like losing her job or the father of the baby or the baby was born with a severe health condition. There are “emergency adoptions” available where agencies have adoptive parents at the ready for any child in need of a family for any reason.

Adoption comes in many forms and can be customized to fit any needs. Adoption is not giving up your baby; adoption is wanting the best for your baby.

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